Thursday, August 24, 2017

Infosecurity Fall 2017 Virtual Conference Agenda

I'm speaking at the Infosecurity Fall 2017 Virtual Conference September 20th. My session will be discussing, "All You Need to Know about NYC Cyber Regulations" with two other speakers.

New regulations announced this year will ensure that within New York State, there will be ‘minimum security standards’ that financial services firms will be obliged to meet. The intention of these measures is to encourage organizations to keep pace with changes in technology and ensure a cybersecurity program that ‘is adequately funded and staffed’.

In this opening keynote, we will look at the over-arching obligations of the NYC Cyber Regulations and evaluate what the minimum standards will be and how businesses will need to adapt to fit into this framework.

What exactly are the NYC Cyber Regulations?

  • How can businesses comply and what could the penalties be for non-compliance?
  • Will this spread to other states, like DC and Massachusetts, or even California?
  • How does this effect national companies who operate in all different States, including NYC?

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