Wednesday, August 16, 2017

Cisco CloudCenter Orchestrator Vulnerability

This vulnerability gives an unauthenticated, remote attacker the ability to install Docker containers to the system, and could potentially allow him to attain escalated privileges, such as root. This was made possible by a misconfiguration that makes the Docker management port accessible to attackers, and allows them to submit Docker containers to the Cisco CloudCenter Orchestrator without an administrator's knowledge.

Docker is open source software that allows you to run multiple instances of an application on virtualized hardware, with the flexibility to have these containers moved into cloud platforms for high portability. These containers are typically more lightweight than a usual virtual machine, and will run under a host that's sharing similar libraries. The applications running in these containers can quickly be spun up or ported to hosts that support them. The concern with the recently disclosed vulnerability from Cisco means there could be additional containers or applications running in your CloudCenter Orchestrator that weren't configured by you, and which are being used for malicious purposes. Read the rest of my article at the below link:

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