Wednesday, August 16, 2017

Are you still using SMBv1 on your system?

The Server Message Block, or SMB, protocol is a file sharing protocol that allows operating systems and applications to read and write data to a system. It also allows a system to request services from a server.

The latest versions of the Windows operating system support SMB v2 and SMB v3, and Microsoft is attempting to depreciate the use of SMB v1 within its software.

There have been numerous vulnerabilities tied to the use of Windows SMB v1, including remote code execution and denial-of-service exploits. These two vulnerabilities can leave a system crippled, or allow attackers to compromise a system using this vulnerable protocol.

Throughout the years, Microsoft has patched its operating system for similar vulnerabilities in Windows SMB v1, and has introduced new versions of the protocol to eliminate the use of this first version of SMB. Read the rest of my article at the link below:

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