Wednesday, August 16, 2017

Airwatch Agent Vulns in Inbox

AirWatch is software that can be used to protect against compromised mobile devices, which are known as being rooted, and that allow security settings, emails and other functions to be applied to a phone for defense against attackers.

In this case, two vulnerabilities allowed attackers to root devices without the AirWatch software noticing. Normally, when AirWatch software is installed on a device, it checks whether the device is already rooted. A policy can be created on the agent console that informs the agent what to do if this is found during enrollment. Typically, the policy is configured to have an installation of the AirWatch Agent decline the install if it's being attempted on a rooted device.

AirWatch also has apps that can be installed within its suite of products, and one of these apps, the AirWatch Inbox -- a containerized email client that's supposed to provide separation from the data within it and the rest of the device -- was also found to be vulnerable. Read the rest of my article at the link below:

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