Tuesday, November 8, 2016

Change the candidates by changing the process

In order to establish change in a nation we need to bring solutions to issues, not complaints. During the 2016 election cycle I’ve heard more gripping about the available candidates then I’ve ever heard during any other previous Presidential election. The reason citizens are voting today isn’t because they think their candidate will serve this country with respect, but because they're scared of the “other” candidate winning. People are no longer voting for candidates of quality, but being pushed to vote in fear that a candidate they dislike less will be elected. When we cast our ballot for the lesser of two evils we’re still voting for evil. That’s what people don’t seem to realize when they state this logic.

Anyway, that’s the issue, but we’re not here to just complain without action. What can we do in order to fix this this? In my opinion we need more transparency with the government. I think we’ve seen many candidates promoted based of wealth and being part of an already established agreement. With the release of documents by WikiLeaks we saw just how much of this was true within the Democratic party. When your own party leadership has to resign due to back channel deals being made to promote one candidate and suppress another it removes democracy from the people. When a candidate can make crude claims you don’t agree with personally, but it’s the party you voted for in the past and you’re now feeling remorse about your available options; we have a problem as a nation. This is what many Americans feel right now and it these two candidates that will receive the majority of the votes during this election. 

In order to add more transparency to this process and to bring about change from the people, I think we should add an additional voting option. I’ve heard many people say this election that they’re not only upset about the candidates, but so annoyed with the options they’re not voting. This is the type of outrage that our government needs to hear by the casting of ballots, but when your protest vote doesn’t get recorded how do you bring about change?

What if, this is hypothetical here, we had the option to vote “abstain” on the ballot? Many people will abstain from voting and not vote in protest, but what if your protest vote was tallied and recorded? We’ve tried to start other parties and this hasn’t really taken with the majority of Americans in a two party system, but if there was an option to vote your displeasure with the available candidates it might assist with getting better party nominees. Too many people feel the need to vote for anyone within their party, but this allows you to go outside it. The need for additional parties would be a welcome change, but having the option to show recorded protest is another I find very interesting.

Now you’re probably saying, “So what, you’re just taking a vote away from a candidate. Who cares?” Well what if we had enough people vote in this manner that the majority of the people “abstained” from selecting an available candidate? If these states or even the country isn’t satisfied with them we have it pushed to the House to vote on like they would do if a candidate doesn’t reach the 270 electoral votes. This of course isn’t perfect, but it’s an option and it gives transparency to the voting process and allows candidates to be held responsible. Essentially, this gives the power back to the people, not the party.

I’d be very interested in your thoughts.