Thursday, February 4, 2016

The Infosec Hiring Crisis and Building Remote Security Teams

Well, it's not a secret. It's becoming very difficult to hire information security talent and with the job market increasing the talent pool is getting thinner. This is happening all over, especially in large cities, and it's become even more of a concern in smaller cities, where the smaller population limits qualified candidates from applying. With this being said, I'm a big fan of "spreading the net" across the country and building elite teams that work remotely with top talent.

In this article for Tripwire I explain what I think companies need to start considering to fill the void of these positions, all while be agile and acquiring top talent in the security industry. It's one thing to hire someone, but it you're not going to hire a candidate with the experience and skills, why not look outside your geographic area? It requires a change of thinking for most large companies, not as much for startups, but it can work and could give you the best protection of your assets.

Here's the article:

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