Monday, February 8, 2016

FRONTLINESENTINEL UPDATE - Redesign of blog, thank you and we're looking to assist......

Over the next year the design of this blog will be changing drastically to allow room for additional writers, projects, partners, etc. In the meantime, as the new design is worked on, we’d like to know if anyone is interested in assistance from this blog in either written form, podcasts, speaking engagements, conferences, etc.  If there is a need to have us assist with any of these or other areas, please let us know.  

This little blog was started as side project a few years back, but has been growing drastically over the years, which is still always a surprise to me when we I look at the stats and emails. Much of the work done because of this site is for other blogs, conferences, speaking engagements, etc. This has always been from companies, or readers, that have given us the opportunity to work with and for them. It’s a great honor to work with you and something I personally take very serious. 

One area that I’d like to assist others in the future is for security startups, or up and coming vendors, to use this site as a soapbox. If you have a need to market your products, please let me know. There are a lot of great ideas out there that this site can hopefully assist with getting the word out. 

At this time you can reach me at as your point of contact, but we’ll be branching out to other administrators in the future that will handle these and other requests going forward. 

Thanks again!!

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