Saturday, February 6, 2016

Do network vulnerabilities matter? Yes, yes they do.

Everyone knows that vulnerabilities matter, but many times I feel people focus on servers and applications before giving the network equipment some vulnerability assessment love. It's true that these systems don't have as many changes, or even updates to their code, that many of the others do, but that doesn't mean they should fall to the bottom of the vulnerability scanning list. I think there's a case made that they should even be one of the first scanned with all the focus they've received over the past couple months.

Setting up schedules, metrics and credentialed scanning of your network equipment needs to be done. There's no reason to wait, there's no reason to assume there's no risk, since the longer you wait to find vulnerabilities the longer you're vulnerable to attack. With these systems playing such an integral role data on your network, they're pretty much the plumbing that allows the bits to flow, it's something that should be taken serious.

Here's an article I wrote for Algosec that goes a little deeper into this very important, and often overlooked, subject of network vulnerability scanning:

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