Tuesday, February 9, 2016

The dangers of decomissioning systems/apps without a process

Making changes to your network can always bring insecurity. Most of the time we're concerned about putting new things onto the network (what vulnerabilities will this bring, how will this effect other systems, will it be patched, etc), but it's sometimes rare that we think of this in reverse. Many times what we don't think about are the risks induced when removing a system, or application, in our environment. We're all gung-ho about making sure there aren't issues when putting in a device, but we should also be concerned about the holes created when a systems is removed from the network. 

If we're not following proper procedure to remove access for the newly decommissioned systems, we're opening up ourselves to  risks which could have been easily mitigated. The misconfigurations and privilege inheritance of old systems, that will be adopted by new systems in the future, create a substantial risk to your environment.

In this article I explain in more detail the dangers of decommissioning without a process:

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