Thursday, August 16, 2012

The Spy Phone in Your Pocket

You’re being watched by your coworkers, spouse, and maybe by someone you’ve never met. This post is about cell phone spyware that allows others to watch your every move.

A man stalked his girlfriend for years using her cell phone. He knew her every move and every word because he just bugged it. Each major city police dept files such cases everyday.

Today mobile devices carry all our info, everything we search, say, text, even our current and past locations. What sounds like something from a spy movie is now available to everyone. Cell phones may turn into spy phones in as little as 10 minutes. It’s just a matter of $15 and it’s offered all over the Internet. You don’t need a degree; even children can stack someone electronically now.

You can listen to live conversations, check out photos, examine call logs, have full control other people’s smartphones.

Anybody selling spyware today, tell you straight out exactly what it’s for: ‘To monitor your 12-yearold daughter, to monitor your employees and to monitor your spouse in order to find out what he or she is doing.’

If you install a spyware on your husband’s phone, every time he sends or receives a call, a SMS or email, your own phone is alerted. You can even secretly conference yourself into any of his calls and listen in from anywhere you have service.

The software also allows access to the phone’s GPS coordinates, where you are, where you’ve been, down to the street address. And even more eye-opening, some spyware can actually activate your phone’s camera, capturing your every move.

If the wrong person installs spyware on your phone, they can stalk you. They can know where you are and where you’re going and who you’re with. And they can really make your life a living hell.

Along with keeping a close eye on your phone, you also have to be careful what applications you download. Spyware doesn’t necessarily have to be installed by someone you know, you can also download it yourself, giving someone else control without even knowing it.

As mobile technology advances, professional hackers are moving from computers to phones. They are not just thrill seekers trying to spy on people, it’s really a criminal operation hunting for personal and financial information that they can use.

It’s hard to tell if your phone’s been bugged. The signs include sudden drops in battery life, ambient noise in the background during your call, strange text messages from unfamiliar numbers. Chances are if there’s spyware on your phone, you’re not going to know about it.

Changing your phone number will not remove the spyware. You need to reinstall the phone’s operating system or get a new phone. Mobile security software can help prevent turning your phone into a spy. It will block suspicious URLs and provide strong password protection stopping someone who would like to install spyware manually.

[Guest Author] Alex Lamman is a 25 years old software engineer, snowboarder and just a loving father from Germany.  He is Internet security addict and helps to run Privacy PC – a website which guides you through the news, reviews, tips and software needed for protection in all critical privacy and security areas. 

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