Saturday, August 4, 2012

5 Most Popular Forms of Identity Theft

When you think of identity theft, the first thing that comes to mind is credit card theft. Unfortunately there are other forms of identity theft that everyone should know about. Having an understanding of the different forms of identity theft will help you better prepare for situations if they just so happen to arise.

Medical Theft Identity

It might be a shocking thing to know but there are people who are using other people's identity to latch on to their medical records. The people who tend to do this sort of identity theft are people who live higher risked lifestyles and aren't willing to use their own identity. Medical Identity theft is a serious issue and can create a world wind of mess when it comes to your medical history that may not serve to be true.

Social Security Number Theft

Social security number theft is one of the easiest forms of theft rolling around. People don't realize that many documents that are signed by you, usually ask for your social security number. As time changes, this seems to become a mandatory piece of information. Putting your social security number of documents that ask for them puts you at a high risk for identity theft. If you can avoid inserting your social security number on any form of documentation, then it is advisable you do so. Unless it is justified why it is needed, you should avoid giving your social security number.

Criminal Identity Theft

This form of identity theft isn't a fun experience for anyone. Criminals have honed a skill that allows for them to take on another person's identity when it comes to doing a crime. There have been people who have been led to the police department under false accusations due to someone else taking their identity. If you find yourself involved in such a serious identity theft crime, make sure that you hire on the right team of people who can unravel the mess that is made due to criminal identity theft.

Credit Card Theft

No matter how the pie is sliced, if you own a credit card of any kind, you run the risk of having your identity stolen. Think about all of the times you give your card away to a waitress. If you aren't near your card there is a likely chance that you could have your card information stolen. Most people who take your credit card information, sell the number to someone else. So finding out who stole it in the first place can be a difficult thing to do. It's highly advisable that you pay with cash in places where you would have to disconnect with your credit card. You would have better control of the situation.

Drivers License Theft

This theft isn't as big as the others but it is still a factor in identity theft. Various people have had their share of pull-overs. These pull-overs have led to them being arrested due to a warrant. Unfortunately they didn't commit any traffic violations under their own name. Someone stole their driver license information and used it when they were stopped for a violation. It's important that you keep your drivers license near you at all times.

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