Tor bridges in the Amazon cloud

The Tor Cloud project gives you a user-friendly way of deploying bridges to help users access an uncensored Internet. By setting up a bridge, you donate bandwidth to the Tor network and help improve the safety and speed at which users can access the Internet. Learn more about Tor and bridges ».

This project runs on the Amazon EC2 cloud computing platform, which powers and other major websites. Amazon EC2 allows users to launch their own virtual machines and computing resources with flexible and cost-effective terms. Learn more about Amazon EC2 »

Setting up a Tor bridge on Amazon EC2 is simple and will only take you a couple of minutes. The images have been configured with automatic package updates and port forwarding, so you do not have to worry about Tor not working or the server not getting security updates. Get started with Tor Cloud »

How much does it cost?

To help new customers get started in the cloud, Amazon has introduced a free usage tier. The Tor Cloud images are all micro instances, and new customers can run a micro instance for free for a whole year. The AWS free usage tier also includes 15 GB of bandwidth out per month.

The Tor Cloud images have been configured to use no more than 40 GB of bandwidth out per month. We have estimated that customers who do not qualify for the free usage tier will pay up to $20 a month for an instance located in us-east-1 (Virginia).

Customers who qualify for the free usage tier, but who run bridges that use more than 15 GB of bandwidth out per month, will pay up to $3 per month for an instance located in us-east-1 (Virginia).
The cost of running a bridge in the Amazon cloud depends on the region you put it in. Please see and the AWS pricing page for more information.