Wednesday, August 15, 2012

5 Steps to Secure Data on Your PC

Data storage is the most important functional aspect of a computer. Any software or hardware on your PC can be replaced or restored but ever data created and stored is unique once lost it can’t be retrieved if it is not stored properly. Most data stored on your PC could be confidential like your bank details, SSN and debit card and credit card numbers. Work related confidential documents like employee details and the organizations financial records cannot be exposed or be hacked by any intruders or identity thieves. Some of the tried and tested methods to secure your data are:

  • Wireless transmission security.Data that are send using a wireless network is prone to be intercepted or hacked, than using an Ethernet network. A hacker does not need to use your PC or your network to hack information, a hacker will do so using a Wi-Fi enabled computer and a powerful antenna that captures data and using these devices it is possible to hack into the network itself and transfer files without the person’s knowledge. To avoid this wireless access has to be configured using encryptions and only then it is safe to send data using wireless network.

  • IP Security for Data while Transit.Hackers now use Protocol analysis (Sniffer) software to capture data while it is midway in the network system.  IPSec (Internet Protocol Security) has to be installed on both ends of the receiving and sending network systems. All the operating systems since Microsoft’s Windows 2000 come with a built in support system for IPSec. IPSec‘s encrypted data for security can be operated on different levels like operating in Tunnel mode or Transit mode and can also be used for Gateway Protection at both ends.

  • SteganographySteganography Programming is used to hide data within other data. Steganography cannot encrypt any data by itself, so an encryption data is used as a conjunction with the encrypted software. The data is then encrypted and placed in another file using Steganography software. The Steganography use BMP, WAV and TXT files for encrypted messages. It is required to exchange a password of a secret key cryptography in some cases and in other cases a private cryptography key is needed.

  • Password Protected Data.It is now possible to set passwords for separate documents using Adobe and Microsoft applications, to access any document a password is required. To set a password for Microsoft applications you need to select tools and options and then click on the security option it will then ask you to set a password for the data you would like to store, the password is required to make any changes on this file. PKZip and WinZip the zipping applications are used for compressing encrypted documents.

  • Share and File Level Protection.To safe guard your data from others who are using the same network you can select to use the share level protection to authorize only certain people you prefer to have access to your data. If you PC is also shared by another person, then you will have to opt for File level protection. File level provides security for all your folders and files in your user domain.It is important to save and back-up all your documents as and when it is being entered on your computer, data loss can happen when your computer crashes or if there is a power failure without backup for your computer.
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