Tuesday, November 3, 2015

Governments Banning Unbreakable Encryption

With all the improvements to encryption, especially those in the mobile arena, it's sad to think that a government can use fear to try and roll these achievements back when they don't get what they want. The British government and the GCHQ have been spying on their citizens for years, but now with the latest trends and advances in mobile phones, its not allowing communications to be decipherable by default. With these new encryption tools in place, governments are calling foul.

Over the past year the FBI was very vocal on their need to have a "master key"or "backdoor" placed into all devices for the protection of the country. We've seen how irresponsible the NSA's been with power, thanks to the Edward Snowden leaks, and giving them a backdoor into our lives was met with widespread outcry. They don't have right to snoop on an entire population and it's against our liberty to lives without privacy.

The British government is using the same guilty argument as the FBI did to try and pass a surveillance law into effect. When Prime Minister, David Cameron, says, "Terrorists, pedophiles and criminals must not be allowed a safe place online", he's really using this as a way to increase, or least keep par, the wide spread surveillance and data collection they've had in the past. Since everything these days is going towards mobile, without having this data collected on the entire population will decrease their ability to monitor severely. Without sounding callous, I have children, lived through a terror attack in NY and want to see cyber criminals locked up. I don't however, want to live in a life where the government could at anytime be monitoring my private communications. It will be abused and I personally don't think it's working. It's that simple.

I'm hoping that the Google's and Apple's of the world take a stand against governments looking to use FUD to propel their agenda of mass surveillance. It will be a sad day when a government can tell a private company how insecure they have to make their product. If there's a backdoor for someone to enter, it might not always be the one you expected. No good can come from this. 

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