Saturday, March 3, 2012

China: The Elephant in the Room

Everyone knows that China's hacking the stuffing our of the United States, but I haven't seen us doing a thing to stop it. There's a lot of talk about how we need to stop China, but that's all it is, talk. When are we going to stand up to this hacking juggernaut and put an end to this? There's no way we're going to stop getting hacked, our systems are insecure to begin with and that's a different story, but what is our government doing to stop this? The BBC reported recently on Chinese hackers gaining full functionality to NASA computers in their Jet Propulsion Laboratory. You can read the full article here: The government noted that after doing an investigation on these attacks they found the addresses coming from China (surprise face, nope). This is a big deal and we look at it and say, "Ohh there's goes China again, when will they stop? Oh well, time for lunch." This isn't someone stealing the recipe to grandma's cookies this is NASA people and this is tip of the iceberg when it comes to Chinese hacks (that we know of)!! When are we as a country going to straight up defend ourselves from the Chinese? I mean seriously, we know they're doing it, we have more than enough evidence to prove that they're sanctioning cyber-espionage, but yet we don't do a single thing. We tell China to stop and they say, "We don't know who's doing it", and we leave them alone. Seriously!! I'm sure that we're doing similar acts against other countries, but we need to at least stand up to them and let them know that we mean business, that we'll start pulling away from them if they don't stop, but China knows we're in debt and will call our bluff if we did. This is a major issue that's going to get worse. We're losing countless hours of research, intellectual property and competitive analysis to the Chinese who are more than happy to let us do the dirty work while they swoop in and reap the benefits. The reason China is able to create high quality products to the United States at low prices is because they're stealing that high quality from America and we're buying it up. China is robbing us blind and we're paying for it. They need to be stopped.

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