Friday, November 26, 2010

TSA (The Squeezing Administration)

For all of us that will be traveling during the holiday seasons be prepared to get more then you bargained for!!

The TSA is taking more then just your privacy from you, they're taking away your rights. When a TSA agent can't tell the difference between a shy 3 year old and a terrorist, America has a fundamental problem and needs to get back to basics. How are you supposed to tell your kids that strangers aren't allowed to touch them unless they're wearing a shiny TSA badge. Its warped.

For the TSA employee saying that we "Gave up our rights when we bought an airline ticket", we never gave them up they were taken from us by force and now they're being abused.

This in the words of Bruce Schneier is only accomplishing one thing, "Security Theater". This is a knee jerk reaction that's only trying to intimidate people into compliance against our personal freedoms.

Whats next? Freedom-Pats for trains, buses, taxi cabs, and car pools?

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