Tuesday, November 30, 2010

How Much Do You Think Your Identity Is Worth??

Lets start off by thinking how much we assume our identity is worth in dollars. Think about it for a minute.

Okay, now that everybody has their assumed "identity worth" in their head, let me show you how much you're actually worth on the black market.
  1. The average stolen credit card with corresponding security code goes for about $1.
  2. Freshly stolen credit cards go for about $2.
  3. If you specify which bank you want the credit card from its about $4.
  4. Searches for the mothers maiden name of a potential victim costs around $10.
  5. Look ups for a Social Security number are around $4.
Each one of these can be purchased on multiple underground websites dedicated to selling your compromised identity at a very low cost. If we think about this strictly from a supply and demand mindset, the volume of stolen information is incredible.

Good luck!!

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