Sunday, January 28, 2018

What security risks does rapid elasticity bring to the cloud?

One of the major benefits of anything living in the cloud is the ability to measure resources and use rapid elasticity to quickly scale as the environment demands. The days of being locked into physical hardware are over, and the benefits of rapid elasticity in cloud computing are attractive to many organizations.
There are some concerns -- more based off the education of cloud computing -- which an organization needs to be aware of before using these features. Like anything else, the cloud can be deployed securely, but without understanding how to implement these services, an organization can find itself at risk.
With measured services, which are cloud services that are monitored and measured by the provider according to usage, an organization can leverage resource metering to perform particular automated actions. These systems can expand based on thresholds and from an on-demand service model.
As a cloud footprint can swell or deflate with demand, there are multiple security concerns to consider with the fluctuating infrastructure of potential PaaS systems. Managing data in the cloud needs proper policy and configuration to validate its security. This is always a concern, but there are some unique use cases when it comes to cloud security because of the elastic nature of the infrastructure.
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