Thursday, September 7, 2017

How can enterprises secure encrypted traffic from cloud applications?

With many applications being utilized in a SaaS model, it's important to encrypt the traffic between end users and applications. When personal and sensitive data is transferred, processed or stored off local premises, the connections between these points need to be secured.

Many large websites default to SSL/TLS, increasing the encrypted traffic on the internet. This is a plus for data security, but malicious actors can and do take advantage of this encryption with their malware, spoofing and C2 servers. With organizations like Let's Encrypt and Amazon Web Services, attackers use these flexible, well-designed and inexpensive technologies for malicious purposes. It's for this reason that enterprises need to make monitoring of encrypted traffic and decryption appliances mandatory in networks.

The recent increase in SSL/TLS traffic within networks is cause for both delight and concern. The security community has seen the need for encryption, but so have malicious actors. From a network security standpoint, it's important to be cautious when dealing with encrypted traffic. Its use is only going to grow from here, and the majority of internet traffic will move toward end-to-end encryption. Read more of my article at the below link:


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