Wednesday, October 12, 2016

Universities Get an "F" in Cyber Security

In a recent article by “The Institute”, it brings up the topic that students and schools are both shying away from Cyber Security education. Within their article it goes on to say:

“Only three of the top 50 university computer science programs in the United States require students to take a cybersecurity course, and many don’t even offer a class on the subject, according to a recent study by CloudPassage, a cloud computing security company.”

They happen to quote our friends at Cloudpassage and the study they did regarding the same subject. Within their study, they have a few Key Findings, but this one stands out:

“None of the top 10 U.S. computer science programs require a cybersecurity course for graduation. In fact, three of the top 10 university programs don’t even offer an elective course in cybersecurity.”

This finding shows that the leaders in charge of education aren't taking cyber security seriously. It's still seen as an afterthought and not a skill that can be applied to all industries of academia. This limited mindset has helped cause a gap in knowledge and is lead employers left scrambling when it comes to hiring real talent. Consider this quote from their article: 

“The skills gap is so wide, he says, that employers are recruiting from other fields, like biology and law, to find talent. People in such fields, he points out, have learned skills required of cybersecurity professionals, such as problem-solving and finding flaws in human and legal systems, which can translate to computer systems.”

I’m glad that security is becoming integrated into schools, but it’s concerning that it’s more of an afterthought, instead of a requirement. Hopefully, as time goes by we’ll continue to see the awareness of cyber security pushed into all disciplines during the education process and beyond.

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