Thursday, October 8, 2015

New Amazon Application Security Services

Okay, the cloud is dangerous and everyone should stop using it before it rains down your data upon all those it wasn't intended for, right? We'll, not really. There are times when keeping data in house is an ideal solution, but there are other times when pushing data to the cloud is completely viable approach. This is all about knowing your security risk appetite and understanding the data that's being hosted in the cloud and the security of the cloud provider. With this being said, Amazon has taken great strides in helping ease the "security of the provider" concern. Take a look at the following two products that Amazon recently released recently:

These two services assist greatly with running any type of web application off Amazon's AWS service. Many startups and lower income businesses are using Amazon to run their applications, as well as many very large companies, but for those without the revenues to purchase these services elsewhere Amazon has really created a secure ecosystem to keep clients from outgrowing their services from a security standpoint. This is a huge step forward for them and I'm personally very excited about seeing where they're going in the future. 

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