Friday, August 28, 2015

Become a Recomended Vendor on

Within the next couple weeks this site is going to take form into a larger ecosystem of services, blogging, vendor reviews, etc. With that I'd like to see if there are any additional vendors looking to start the process with writing about their organization, services, market, etc. We have a template created already with questions we think buyers would want to know and hopefully use to make a purchasing decision. If you're interested, we'll have the template sent to you. 

There will be a section within the site to have vendors, as well as potential buyers, come to get a review of products currently in the market. I think it’s important to have another view of the product that will help organizations promote their brand and where buyers want to read. This can be very useful for both startups to gain press and industry veterans to gain more steam. 

I’ve personal spent so much time over the past couple years reviewing technology and want to come up with a complete listing of questions to have vendors answer that will assist with the selection process (this will eventually be refined by product, but for now we have to start somewhere with your help).

Over the next couple weeks, I’ll be collecting all the responses and adding them to the new site. Other vendors have asked me if there was a cost involved with this, and the answer is "No". We're looking to create a place where vendors can display their services and buyers can come and review them (all in one place). We kindly ask that you use your social media outlets to promote your link, but that's all. 

Please fell free to email me at for more information. 


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