Advisory & Services

Over the years I’ve been given the opportunity to advise some of the world’s largest companies within the healthcare, financial, e-commerce, education, energy and law industries on the complex topic of cyber security. It’s with this experience that I apply the following services towards organizations looking to increase the security posture of their enterprise.

·              Cyber Security Vendor Selection
o   Free security vendor advisory based off experience and integrity – With no charge to the client!
o   Leading security vendor research and reviews given away for free
o   Unbiased partnerships with honest opinions on vendor selection

·              Cloud Security Review and Assessment
o   Review of cloud security for Iaas, PaaS and SaaS offerings
o   Advisory on cloud security providers and their solutions
o   Discussions on latest vendor offerings and cloud techniques

·              Risk review based off standard practices and backed by experience
o   Risk reviews based off experience and not textbooks
o   Understanding of multiple industries and the unique nuances within each
o   Common frameworks applied to real world knowledge

·              Penetration testing assessments completed with experienced partnerships
o   Multi-phased approach to penetration testing
o   Social engineering, web application, system and networking assessments reviews
o   Unique approaches can be discussed to tailor individual needs

·              Compliance and Audit
o   Heavy experience with PCI assessments with proven advisory on improvements for future audits to save time and money.
o   Partnered QSA’s for assistance with completing RoC’s of any size or complexity.
o   Regulatory assessments or advisory on HIPPA and ISO compliance

·              Strategy and Business Development
o   Assistance with managed security service providers (MSSP) with advisory and assistance towards building their solutions for the future
o   Presentation, blogging and speaking for vendors or organizations
o   Custom security awareness material directed towards topics and tailored toward clients
o   Relationship building and networking within the industry
o   Security architecture review

If you’re interested in speaking further about any of these offerings, please send me an email at Also, I’m always looking to speak with people within the cyber security space and if I can’t help, maybe I can make an intro to someone who can.